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All-in-One Dashboards, Business Intelligence and Workflow Automation

Social, Sales, Operations, CRM, Mobile, Search, SEO, Offline, Custom - Hundreds of Integrations!

The most complete analytics platform, Clickable automates reporting, publishing, moderating, ad buying on social and PPC for agencies and brands.

Data overload? Slice and dice your data, group your data sets into logical hierarchies. Customize each dashboard to fit your goals.

Obtain up to 10X increase in Google, Bing and Facebook with our ppc management. Get a dashboard of your customer acquisition and path-to-purchase funnel.

With fees comparable to platform only solutions, we've managed thousands of accounts and satisfied customers and clients.

Connect Your Data Sources

Authenticate your online accounts.
Automate offline data delivery.
No more messy spreadsheets.
Group data into hierarchy.

Plan Your Analytics

Customize your KPI and metrics.
Customize your widgets.
Choose from pre-set library.
Set up users, roles and workflows.

Visualize Your Data

Filter, Search, Publish and Moderate.
Data updates in real-time.
Schedule pdf reports.
Share and collaborate.

Integrate multiple social networks, online and offline software and data sources.

Connect to multiple social networks, software services, data sources. Manage a hierarchical portfolio of data sets. Filter and drill-down as you wish. Reduce complex data into customized simple visual displays.

Are you optimizing your media?

Connect to analytics, multiple data services, real-time bidding platforms. Optimize your media spend and bid real-time on demand ad platforms.

How Much is a Fan Really Worth?

Not all fans are built the same. Some convert more than others while some amplify your messages more than your competitors. Let Clickable help you decode your Fan DNA.

We Keep Good Company

Power and Flexibility

Our platform is built to scale, as your business scales.