Consolidated Real-Time Ad Bidding Platform for Leading Ad Network

Clickable enables leading ad network to enter real-time programmatic ad buying with a consolidated real-time ad bidding platform.

Ad networks must participate in real-time programmatic ad buying platforms in order to survive and scale ad campaigns. Media buyers demand real-time reporting, up to the minute ad analytics from ad analytics. Clickable can connect to exchanges, demand side platforms, supply side platforms, filtering software, data management platforms to deliver a consolidated ad buying and ad analytics platform.


  • Connect to Real-time Bidding Platforms
    • Consolidate analytics, buying and user-interface under one platform.
  • Gain Real-Time Intelligence
    • Target segments more efficiently using multivariate testing and phased campaigns.
    • Respond more quickly to your most valuable customers.
  • Transform Your Digital Capabilities
    • Understand how to create compelling content via machine-driven insights and optimization.
    • Maximize return on high-performance social content across different product lines, regions and languages through content syndication.