Data Warehousing and Visualization

Clickable platform enables Fortune 500 firm to automate delivery of data during Global Sports Event 

Delivering billions of data points during global sports events is hard, even for Fortune 500 firms. With data stored across thousands of social media locations across 25 social media networks, delivering timely data in a data warehouse can be challenging. Clickable automated the delivery of data from Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, Vine,  Foursquare, Vimeo, Renren, Mxit, Naver and Youku. With embedded data science, Clickable made it easy for the marketing team to organize the data and visualize custom metrics computed in real-time.


  • Create Customer Insights and New Growth
    • Understand individual consumer lifecycles and product portfolio usage.
    • Track social connections throughout customer lifecycles to ensure tactics build product consideration, increase existing product spend and develop more high-value customer advocates.
    • Develop unified customer profiles to your most valuable customers, and inform future marketing investments.
  • Drive More Customer Connections
    • Target segments more efficiently using multivariate testing and phased campaigns.
    • Respond more quickly to your most valuable customers.
  • Optimize content performance
    • Understand how to create compelling content via machine-driven insights and optimization.
    • Maximize return on high-performance social content across different product lines, regions and languages through content syndication.