Get $10 of benefit for every $1 you spend on our software solution.

Clickable integrates, filters, visualizes from social media, ad tech, marketing, sales, analytics, excel files, Google spreadsheet data sources into a customizable business intelligence dashboard that can also publish, moderate, and bid real-time ads on social, search, display and other ad networks.  

Clickable is really powerful.  Here are just some of the things you can do with Clickable


  • Connect to any data source and pull your data into the platform
  • No more manual logging in to many different places daily
  • No more stale data from manually generated reports
  • No more manual errors from copying and pasting
  • Monitor Yelp, Facebook, Yellowpages and other reviews of all your franchises in one place with no delays.
  • No more Excel clutter
  • Automate delivery of data sources and files
  • Organize data dynamically by groups and hierarchies
  • Design and customize your own KPI’s
  • Customize your own visualizations
  • Consolidate all your analytics in one place
  • Measure True ROI of your marketing efforts
  • Perform search, live computations, archival, data science on consolidated analytics
  • Analyze, filter, visualize, drill-downs
  • Publish to social network channels
  • Moderate comments and feedback to your social network channels
  • Create your own vertical search engine
  • Connect to all real-time bidding ad exchanges and ad platforms
  • Monetize your content with advertising feed