Clickable Customizable Metrics Platform

Clickable platform enables media & entertainment firms to visualize real-time social media audience data with client-defined KPIs and metrics. 

Cultivating direct and indirect relationships with fans is key to audience growth and brand building. Today’s consumers demand a personalized, relevant and socially-connected experience when making entertainment decisions. Clickable enables you to better understand your audience segment, target those segments with more relevant and compelling content, and understand the impact.


  • Understand Your Fans & Audiences
    • Understand individual consumer lifecycles and product portfolio usage.
    • Track social connections throughout customer lifecycles to ensure tactics build product consideration, increase existing product spend and develop more high-value customer advocates.
    • Develop unified customer profiles to your most valuable customers, and inform future marketing investments.
  • Gain Real-Time Intelligence
    • Target segments more efficiently using multivariate testing and phased campaigns.
    • Respond more quickly to your most valuable customers.
  • Transform Your Digital Capabilities
    • Understand how to create compelling content via machine-driven insights and optimization.
    • Maximize return on high-performance social content across different product lines, regions and languages through content syndication.