July 21, 2014

Get Stuff Done on the Road: Facebook’s Ad Manager for Mobile

Facebook continues to deliver a complete mobile marketing solution for Small Business by announcing Facebook Ads Manager for mobile devices (iOS and Android).

This is ideal for freelancers and local businesses that spend a majority of their time on the road. While you can actually promote your page from the existing Page Manager mobile app, this dedicated app provides you with more depth in terms managing promotions. For example, a sole proprietor out on client meetings can respond to alerts from their ongoing Facebook campaign, and make some adjustments on the budget and scheduling if necessary. While they mentioned that availability on the app store will take place in the next couple of days, this shows Facebook’s commitment to advertisers.

Of course, this is just part of overall equation. Facebook isn’t necessarily a set it and forget it advertising platform and as such, careful planning and implementation remains to be an integral part of your business’ success. Target well with custom audiences and always make sure that your conversion pixels are in place.

Although we don’t see power users firing up their phone to manage their campaigns on the go, the app still provides a great way to monitor performance and most importantly, pause campaigns that are not performing well.