July 18, 2014

How to Turn Facebook into a Lead Generation Machine Pt. 2

Over the last year and a half Clickable collaborated with a large, well-known Enterprise Business-to-Business (B2B) software brand on their Facebook advertising.  This is the second post in our series of B2B marketing tips. 

New to the series? You can  catch up with Part 1 here. 

Tactic #3: Workplace Targeting for PR and Sales

Press coverage can generate sales and interest in your product.  Facebook workplace targeting can amplify your content to employees of major media publications.

The cost can be as little as $5 per day, and you could receive great media coverage.

Not getting direct coverage shouldn’t disappoint you.   Journalists can be influential.  One person with 50,000 followers sharing your content is worth the cost.

Another approach is use workplace targeting in tandem with your sales team.  Pull a list of targeted accounts and upload them into your ads.  Be sure to trim your audience with job title targeting.  You don’t want to hit all a grocery chain’s employees, just the ones who would buy your product.

Tactic #4: Increasing Relevance With Exclusion Lists and Look-A-Like Audiences

B2B brands will run into negative feedback even with relevant content.  This can hurt your image when people are vocal on your page.  One trick is to compile these user IDs and upload them as an exclusion list.  Notice the sharp decrease in negative feedback from June 2013 on.  For the rest of the year we were able to maintain less than 50 cases of negative feedback per month.

Graph 3

Be sure to differentiate between valid complaints and someone lashing out.  Use Facebook as a customer service channel for the former.

Lead quality can be another issue.  If your Cost Per Lead (CPL) is $25 and only 25% of your leads become qualified, your actual CPL is $100.

If your percentage of qualified leads is low, trying using look-a-like audiences using a list of qualified leads.  The other obvious technique is to upload disqualified leads as an exclusion list.

With these two techniques we increased lead quality from 57% in January to 60% and above for the rest of year.

Graph Newesst

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