August 28, 2014

How to Turn Facebook into a Lead Generation Machine Pt. 3

Over the last year and a half Clickable collaborated with a large, well-known Enterprise Business-to-Business (B2B) software brand on their Facebook advertising.  This is the third post in our series of B2B marketing tips.

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Tactic #5: Segment Your Remarketing to Get More Leads

Most brands are adopting remarketing, but don’t segment.  Segmentation is the key to a successful remarketing strategy.  Brands should map content to the pages a user visits, and not just show every visitor the same piece of content.  This can be especially irritating when a customer downloaded this piece of content before.

Perfect Audience and AdRoll have fantastic dynamic remarketing features, but for B2B, you can do almost anything you need with Website Custom Audiences through domain and URL rules.

To start, target people who visited specific pages but abandoned the form.  Create a landing page with the same content, but try a shorter form to see if they convert the second time.


Tactic #6: Show Your Content At the Right Time

Earlier this month Facebook rolled out it’s version of dayparting.  You can now choose which days of the week and times your content is shown.

For B2B, this is particularly useful because products are tied to the job, and not personal pleasure.  Via your analytics it’s easy to see what time of day your content is being downloaded.  Match that schedule with your ads and to cut wasted spend and drive down your cost per lead.

If you want to get more granular split up your campaigns by device.  For example, mobile downloads occur during rush hour and desktop downloads occur during work hours. This means you should schedule separate campaigns for each.

The one issue with day parting is that you have to run your ad groups on a lifetime budget.  Be careful how you are budgeting these out and be sure to refresh with new ad groups as needed