Clickable and the Oracle Cloud

All business face challenges, and we’re no exception. Clickable collects an enormous amount of information across hundreds of networks. Our clients depend on data visualization and actionable insights to optimize their marketing budgets.

Our previous system, although successful, required a high-bandwidth network built and maintained onsite. While this approach worked, it lacked elasticity and required considerable resources to operate. This diverted focus from our developers’ main job: maintaining and evolving the application itself.

All that changed with the introduction of Oracle cloud technologies. Soon, the value of our dashboards went from good to great with increased speeds in data collection and analysis. This was great news for our clients.

Delivering Advanced Analytics and Data Visualization. Faster.

With Oracle as our technology partner, Clickable delivers big-data analytics and visualization fast. Dealing with a diverse set of data sources, both private and public has never been this efficient. For our partners in the retail, consumer and financial industry, access to living data is now a reality. Making key decisions based on data is now a cinch for our partners.

Experience Clickable, Powered by Oracle.

It’s now your turn. With Clickable locked in as a Gold Partner in the Oracle Cloud, we connect with to the Oracle ecosystem. If you’re currently managing data across networks like, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Vine, Google AdWords and others, Clickable’s Dashboard solution helps you make sense of all this data. It’s time for efficient reporting – now made faster.

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