June 23, 2014

Get Qualified People with 4 Facebook Advertising Strategies.

A few weeks ago, we were approached by one of our partners with a very special predicament. Instead of using advertising to attract new customers, demand for their business (they provide Physical and Occupational Therapists for children) has reached such great heights that they’re running out of people to serve their clientele.

While this situation is not unique to healthcare service providers, the same applies for large software companies and other industries that would require some form of specialized skillsets.

Of course the most obvious solution here is to do everything on LinkedIn. While specialized social networks do really well, you should allocate a percentage of your hiring budgets on Facebook.

Here are four reasons why you should also make Facebook Ads an integral part of your social hiring strategies.

1. Let’s take a look at existing practitioners

This is the lowest hanging fruit of the lot. Facebook has always provided you with the option to target people based on position and company. While B2B marketers have long used these options, smart hiring managers should take advantage of this feature as well.

The key challenge here of course, is capturing (or encouraging) potential intent to join another company (in this case, your company). We recommend that you combine this with other targeting options like location (shorter commutes lead to better job satisfaction) or family friendly benefits (applicable for newly married couples, expectant moms). Make sure that pair your workplace targeting with a profile that resonates with the applicant.

2. Look at the Class of 2014

Maybe you’re also looking for new blood. Just like the option described above, you can also target students with relevant degrees on Facebook. Naturally, you have to pair it with another targeting profile as well. Chat with your existing employees and see what made them join your company. Use these for targeting.

Yet another reason why you should do this on top of your recruitments efforts on LinkedIn.

3. Retarget Potential Applicants

Website Custom Audiences, introduced early this year, could potentially be your secret weapon for recruitment. We recommend that you install the remarketing pixel code on your careers page. If you wanna go the extra mile, you can install specific pixels on each open position so you can optimize your messaging once you market to them.

4. Turn Your Fanpage into a Social Recruiting Machine

Finding a way to automate and scale this practice is where it gets really interesting. “Social Recruitment” is an emerging practice currently employed by tech savvy hiring professionals. By providing an easy way for current employees to share job listings and posts (and if you want, provide a referral fee for it) – this gives you easy access to an employees friend list.

If you do it via a page post, you can broadcast it to existing employees via a promoted post. This ensures you get to cover multiple bases by reinforcing other forms of internal recruitment drives like email.

Have you tried running recruitment campaigns in Social Media? How did it go for you? Did It Drive Qualified applicants at the lowest cost?