Bing Ads Budgeting

Bing Ads deals with budgeting much the same way that Google Adwords does. Bing Ads supports monthly budgets between $5.00-$30 million, which are set at the campaign level. The budget is typically set over a daily interval (e.g., $250.00 per day), but it can also be set monthly if you prefer. The different types of budgeting options allow you to control account spending in a way that best fits your needs.  Some advertisers prefer a “set it and forget it” type of monthly budget while others want more tweak-able daily spend limits.  One important thing to note is that the total campaign spend will not exceed the set monthly budget, but daily budgets are more like targets and actual spend may fluctuate slightly day to day.  That is, your daily spend on one day may slightly exceed your daily budget, but Bing Ads will automatically spend a bit less later in the month to make up for it.

Daily budgets are set to spend up to a specific amount per day, within a monthly budget. Set the daily and monthly budgets under Campaign settings:
 The daily budget option gives you more control to make spend adjustments in response to performance, promotions, or any other factors that could call for a fluctuation in daily spending. For example, if you have a Pencil promotion running one weekend out of the month and prefer to spend more of your budget during that time period in order to get more ad impressions, you may increase your daily spend for just that particular weekend.
Monthly budgets have two distinct options – spread out the set budget amount evenly over the course of the entire month, or spend until the budget is depleted. Both can be helpful for different purposes.

Here is where you choose the monthly Bing Ads budget type:

Note that Google AdWords does not offer a monthly budgeting option, so if you prefer to maintain parity with your AdWords account, you should use the daily budgeting option.  However, if you’re advertising with just Bing Ads, setting a budget to spend evenly over the month may be more convenient.  Also, if you plan to monitor and adjust your budget your budget over the course of the month, then choose the daily budget option.
If you do opt for monthly budgeting, you will have an option to “divide budget across the month” or “spend budget until depleted”.  The former will withhold some impressions in order to even out your spending over the month, while the latter will give you all possible impressions until your budget is used up, which may be well before the end of the month.  This “spend til depleted” option maximizes ad impressions and allows you to increase the monthly budget if your account is performing well and has spent the initial budget.  However, your ads may not run for the full month.
Bing Ads recommends an estimated spend for each campaign. Bing Ads calculates your estimated spend by factoring in things such as your selected keywords, estimated clicks, estimated CPC’s, and the bids you set.  The amount recommended is not always right for you, so keep your own budget allowance and limitations in mind when making a monthly budget decision. Often, the Bing Ads estimated spend is unnecessarily high for the needs of the advertiser because the calculation assumes an unlimited budget is available. On the contrary, sometimes the estimated spend is significantly less than your monthly budget. If this happens, you should consider spreading out the budget into an additional campaign with different keywords.
If Bing Ads recommends a budget for you that is much higher than your desired budget, this indicates that there is a lot of impression inventory available for your keywords, which means that you can likely reduce your bids a bit, and still get a decent share of those impressions, but at a much lower cost.