Advertising on Google AdWords

Google AdWords is the leading platform for sponsored search engine advertising in terms of overall traffic and targeting capabilities. If you have something to sell on the internet and your products and services are not showing up on the first page of Google, you are missing  out on a huge opportunity to increase your sales with online advertising. Opening a Google AdWords advertising account is simple, however achieving success with Google ads can often be quite challenging.

Many marketers who advertise on Google often fail due to the complexities related to optimization and managing both an advertiser’s ads as well as their and landing pages in accordance to Google Quality Score considerations.

Quality Scores are numeric values between 1-10 that Google assigns to keywords that advertisers bid on. High scores are good, low scores are bad. Good Quality Scores can increase your impression share, position and decrease your cost per click. Poor Quality Scores can limit your impressions, decrease your page position and increase the amount you pay for each click.

Achieving Good Quality Scores on Adwords is often a reflection of using good relevant keywords and landing pages and will make life easier when advertising on Google. There are many other optimization efforts that should be considered though to stay competitive and maximize your sales on Google – Keyword research, campaign structure, writing effective ad copy and managing display network ads are just a few of these important considerations.

This section discusses some of the features and tricks that advertisers can use to optimize ads on Google AdWords to help achieve success.