PPC Landing Pages

As our Clickable Pro customers know well, we make it easier to manage pay per click campaigns by acting as a “trusted advisor” to search marketers. However, Clickable offers more extensive services as well. With the Clickable Dashboard, we not only optimize existing campaigns to meet revenue goals, we build lead generation campaigns from scratch.

To build the Clickable dashboard, we applied our expertise in search marketing, but  also had to master the art of landing page creation. Over the next few tutorials, we’d like to share some of the lessons that we’ve learned along the way.

The Key Elements of Effective Landing Pages

Before discussing the nitty-gritty details of landing page development, here’s an overview of the basic functions that every effective landing page needs to perform:

Identify A Problem

The first thing your landing page needs to do is identify a user’s problem. In some cases, this is a problem they know they have. In others, you need to tell them what their problem is. (More on that distinction in the next post.) In either case, be sure to state the problem clearly, so users realize right away that you’re addressing a need that they have.

Offer To Solve It

Once you’ve made it clear that you’re addressing a user’s problem, offer to solve it. Tell the user what you provide, how your product or service solves their problem, and what makes your solution uniquely valuable.

Provide Trustworthy Support

As any savvy visitor knows, you’re not going to say anything all that negative about your offer. So why should they believe it if you say that you’ve got the best Italian restaurant, financial modeling software or picture frames around? On the other hand, your previous customers have nothing to gain from talking about the benefits of your products and services. Their testimonials are trustworthy because they have no (financial) interest in your success. The same can be said about third-party ratings, awards, etc. – anything that lends support to your claim.

Facilitate a Frictionless Conversion

If you’ve gotten this far, make sure the conversion process is as simple as possible. The user is ready to make a purchase or fill out a form, so it’s crucial not to turn him or her away with a complex and time-consuming interface. Nothing is worse than losing a customer this late in the sales funnel.

In the next few tutorials, we’ll look at each of these steps in depth, providing concrete solutions that you can apply to your pages right away.