Social Media Management Platform for Leading Franchised National Brands

Clickable enables franchised national brands and direct-selling organizations to achieve smarter marketing.

Franchise and direct selling organizations are inherently social. Independent business owners have always looked to turn social interactions and relationships into business opportunities. Social media amplifies local business relationships and can do so consistently and at scale. Clickable can activate your local sales network on social media, while delivering you a centralized dashboard with critical social intelligence and controls.


  • Mobilize Your Local Network
    • Activate brand-templated social pages and profiles quickly.
    • Train social media stakeholders to be successful using unified technology, processes and best practices.
    • Manage and syndicate highest performing content to local audiences.
  • Drive and Measure Performance
    • Aggregate measures across your network to quickly gauge overall performance and surface outliners, opportunities and laggards.
    • Deliver individual performance scorecards to local business owners so they can constantly improve.
    • Understand which social media activities drive conversion.
  • Manage Reputation While Empowering Business Owners
    • Gain full oversight and control over moderation, compliance and tracking.
    • Activate social page and content templates with limited customizations.
    • Always know what’s happening across your stakeholders through customized reporting, rule-setting and activity histories.