Our Twitter Ads PPC Areas of Focus/Methodologies:

  1. Review of Goals – Alignment of awareness, engagement, conversion goals with client.
  2. Tracking and Conversion Analyses – Basic analytics tracking and conversion tracking codes will be provided, and can be installed by Clickable as needed.  Proper tracking is essential to our success and we will work with your team to ensure it is accurate.
  3. Reach Customers you Know (Tailored Audience) – With the permission of the client, we upload email lists, mobile advertising ids, mobile phone numbers, twitter ids, website visitor cookies of the client and reach them on Twitter.
  4. Audience Selection and Testing – Selecting the right Geo, Language, Gender, Demographics, Interests and Influencer handles, Competitor handles, Follower handles are key to the success of any Twitter PPC Campaign.  We believe in continuous split-testing.
  5. Remarketing – We will set up custom audiences so we can reach the group of people who have visited your web site, visited your tagged pages, and reach them with ads on Twitter.  It is a great way to re-engage with your audience.
  6. Find People Similar to Your Customers – We will create Lookalike Audiences where Twitter will find even more people who are similar to the client’s customers who like your page, who engage with your page, who visit your website, or who use your app.
  7. Keywords/Negative Keywords – We will target keywords found in posts and timelines. We also maintain the negative keywords so your ads do not show in places you don’t want.
  8. Managing by Devices – We set up campaigns that target your audience by devices, carrier and new mobile user targeting
    TV Targeting – For certain advertisers, targeting the Twitter users while they are watching TV may be very effective.
  9. 3rd Party Data – We will tap into third-party data to improve our conversion goals.
  10. Time of Day/Day of Week Adjustments– Clickable will optimize ad scheduling or day parting.
  11. Ad Variations – Clickable recommends split testing a variety of ad variations.  We will create a series of highly optimized ads, and will continually split test them against one another.   We will also incorporate ad extensions into every ad group and optimize them as well, in an effort to improve click-through rates.