“Measuring social marketing is hard, and tracking engagement data doesn’t make that task any easier. In fact, even Facebook itself now admits that engagement doesn’t prove success. Marketing leaders must instead gauge the performance of their Facebook pages and Twitter accounts by tracking customer loyalty and lifetime value … invest in tools like sales tracking vendors, platforms that collect data into customer databases, and survey tools”

– Nate Elliot, Vice President and Principal Analyst, Forrester Research
“Brief: Stop Measuring Social Engagement”, Forrester Research, Inc., December 10, 2014

We think Forrester is correct.  We’ve heard the same thing from agencies and brand marketers.  CMOs keep asking for social ROI.  The truth is, you need to track social roi down to sales.

We are finally introducing Clickable, the world’s only platform that consolidates all the data sources with a few clicks, turns them into intelligence and allows you to act on them by publishing, moderating, and ad buying.

With our proprietary methodology to track the value of a fan or the value of an engagement, we can help you prove Social ROI to your client.

Backed with over $60 million of invested capital, our platform and architecture is robust and well tested.  We displaced 2 high profile, VC-funded big data science vendors with a Fortune 50 client.

If we tell you we are the best, we are boasting.  But if we tell you we are not great, we would be lying.

We issue a challenge: Compare us to our competitors on every metric – total cost of ownership, ROI, value to price.

We have a solution that is ready.  Contact us now.

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