June 3, 2014

Why Is Nobody Talking about Facebook’s New Conversion Pixel?


Have you seen Facebook’s latest news?

The new conversion pixel offers some new features and improvements:

Facebook Pixel Helper

We’ve all had issues troubleshooting pixels on Facebook.  Facebook’s Pixel Helper Chrome extension is Facebook’s first attempt at alleviating this problem.   With this tool you can verify that your pixel is firing, troubleshoot broken pixels, and optimize conversions on your page.

Be wary if you have secondary conversion events or dynamic events on a page.  You may get false reads from the tool.


1×1 pixel images, In-page Events, and Multiple Pixels

The 1×1 pixels allows for developers to piggyback Facebook pixels with 3rd-party tags.   This could simplify conversion reporting for developers, but Facebook still recommends the full pixel.

Another new feature is the addition of in-page events.  You can’t create a pixel for this, but you can change your existing pixel to track button clicks through a _fbq.push(‘track’) call for the conversion pixel through event handlers on a HTML DOM element.

With these new in-page events, you can use multiple conversion pixels on a page.   Don’t go overboard, as you can do more harm than good.  Too many conversion pixels can “confuse” your ads and lead to poor performance.


Improved performance

If you have legacy pixels, we would recommend that you update them.  Even if you won’t use any of the new features, there will be a number “under the hood performance tweaks.”  It’s too soon to say exactly what these performance tweaks are.  If Facebook’s past performance updates are any sign, you won’t want to miss out.