July 1, 2014

Will Facebook’s Updated Conversion Specs Affect You?

Tomorrow Facebook is releasing a few important changes to conversion specs.  Here a brief guide on how this affects you:


Page Post Links

You may have noticed your page post link ads underperforming over the last few months.   Facebook has finally acknowledged the issue and is addressing it.

Before, page post link conversion specs used object ID, which according to Facebook is subject to a “design flaw.”   Facebook now suggests that if you are using conversion specs, you should update object ID to post ID.


Here is an example of the new conversion spec:



For those of you with integration, the good news is that you can still specify object ID in your HTTP POST calls.  Facebook will update them to post ID.


Engagement Specs

Facebook is also phasing out page_story, post_story, and app_story.  Instead, all engagement ads will need quire post_engagement, page_engagement, and app_engagement specs.

What this means is that you can no longer exclude photo views and native video plays when using oCPM and CPA bidding.   The only other method was using many conversion specs for specific objectives.  Facebook is phasing this out.

This is Facebook’s latest move to make the ads platform more users friendly.  They are pushing advertisers towards the new ad objectives at the expense of one of the platforms more useful features.