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Better Reporting.
Higher Margins.

Focus on your needle-moving metrics to
get the information you need, save time,
and accelerate higher margins.




Clickable is known for its award-winning pro advertising tools and expertise in dedicated search & social advertising. Since its founding, our software has adapted to the ever-evolving world of technology to help simplify complex data problems brought on by the explosion of marketing data sources, products, and services. While most software platforms tend to be cookie-cutter, Clickable customizes your reporting with your outcomes in mind. What information are you trying to gather from your data?

The Problem

Marketers are consumed by data.

While having more data available to measure and manage your business is beneficial, identifying and tracking top-level metrics has become time-consuming and overwhelming for teams.

The Solution

Better visibility on your revenue-generating metrics.

Having quick access to the metrics that really matter to your business is crucial to understanding what elements are working and what areas need improvement. 

This proactive view allows you to focus on improving your business margins and less time building reports and digging through large amounts of data.

Consider Top Level

Goal Metrics

Get your big-picture metrics without spending time going into each native channel.

Look ONLY at the metrics you need to drive your business growth

View your data as a “holistic health report” so you know the specific areas to focus on.

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