August 20, 2014

14 Responses to Bing Ads Bid Modifiers and Unified Campaigns across Devices

Like us, you probably celebrated too soon about Bing’s ability to target mobile separately from desktop. Bing has recently announced they are sacrificing greater control across devices in favor of “complete compatibility” with Google AdWords. It appears Bing felt managing pay-per-click campaigns across different platforms was too difficult for their advertisers. SearchEngineLand quoted David Pann,
August 19, 2014

Multi-Device Marketing with Facebook Ads

On August 13, Facebook announced cross-device reporting support for Facebook Ads. As a company that deals with a lot of Facebook advertising, this is a welcome development. It adds a layer of clarity towards our internal attribution models. If this is your first time to encounter cross-device reporting, the premise is simple. All your customers
August 12, 2014

Clickable Sponsors the New York AdTech Summer Meetup

Our New York team went downtown to co-host the NY AdTEch Summer Meetup  last week. It was a pleasure co-hosting the event with Blue Link Marketing. It’s always great to meet and network from our industry peers. We’re thrilled to know that the AdTech community in the city is growing and building a solid ecosystem of
July 25, 2014

The Clickable Reading List

How to Create a Social Media Marketing Plan from Scratch  Whether or not you’re an experienced social media marketer, it pays to have a planning mindset towards your practice. The awesome team over at Buffer provides a pretty practical framework on how to go about Social Media Marketing. A great read for people looking for
July 24, 2014

Why Reach and Frequency Buying Doesn’t Matter for Small Brands

On July 10th, Facebook announced details around frequency and reach capping on the PMD group.  People have been clamoring for control over frequency and reach for years, and this is a step in the right direction. As it stands, frequency and reach buying operate like traditional media buys.  You pay for the desired inventory based
July 21, 2014

Get Stuff Done on the Road: Facebook’s Ad Manager for Mobile

Facebook continues to deliver a complete mobile marketing solution for Small Business by announcing Facebook Ads Manager for mobile devices (iOS and Android). This is ideal for freelancers and local businesses that spend a majority of their time on the road. While you can actually promote your page from the existing Page Manager mobile app,
July 18, 2014

The Clickable Reading List

It’s a great time to be a search and social marketer. Every Friday, the Clickable Team provides you with a list of notable content that’s worth consuming. If you’d like to share  interesting articles  drop us a line! Digital Dashboards Strategic & Tactical Best Practices, Tips, Examples Our definition of management dashboards are transforming as
July 18, 2014

How to Turn Facebook into a Lead Generation Machine Pt. 2

Over the last year and a half Clickable collaborated with a large, well-known Enterprise Business-to-Business (B2B) software brand on their Facebook advertising.  This is the second post in our series of B2B marketing tips.  New to the series? You can  catch up with Part 1 here.  Tactic #3: Workplace Targeting for PR and Sales Press
July 11, 2014

Life Stages on Facebook: What it Means for Advertisers

We’re loving this post by Facebook on how a user’s social media behavior changes as they go through various life changes. While most of the conclusions were obvious, we’re pleased at the amount of detail this study involves. The study shows an increase in Facebook posting and messaging behavior relative to external factors like underemployment,
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