February 28, 2016

Clickable acquires Talkwheel to help brands create conversations with their customers

Talkwheel, a company that offers a unique way to visualize customer conversations, has been acquired by Clickable.

Founder and CEO Jeff Harris said that Talkwheel has seen its revenue grow by about 400 percent annually over the past two years. At the same time, there’s been “a lot of consolidation going in the social media marketing space,” and Talkwheel began acquisition discussions with another company (not Clickable) in late 2015. Ultimately, Harris said Clickable was the better fit — he praised its listening and social media monitoring tools and said Talkwheel adds “that consumer-facing piece” to the Clickable platform.

 Social Media Marketing Company Clickable Acquires Talkwheell

“We are extremely excited to be acquiring Talkwheel,” said Clickable CEO Mike Onghai in an emailed statement (he’s pictured with Harris above). “I have known Jeff and [Vice President of Product Joe Geraghty] for a couple of years now and have always thought Talkwheel had the most innovative fan engagement solution in market. Combining Talkwheel’s consumer facing offering with Clickable’s leading social media monitoring and reputation platform, we now have one of the most well rounded solutions in the social marketing space.”



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